Commercial dishwasher

Commercial dishwasher

Shortest programme cycle: 5 min. with warm water 65°C, very hygienic cleaning results. 3 standard programmes with 85°C for 1 min and rinse. Hygiene Plus programme with 83°C for 5 mins.

Freestanding with lid

External housing
Stainless steel casing

TouchControl with 3-row display
Programme selection button, target/performance temperature, "Time left" display, fault messages
Control: Touch, Stainless steel, changeable programme parameter

Cold or hot water up to 65°C

Electrical connection
AC 230V 50Hz
Fuse rating [A]: 1 x 30
Rated load [kW]: 5.9
Heater rating [kW]: 5.5
Convertible to:
3N AC 400V 50Hz
Fuse rating [A]: 3 x 15-16
Rated load [kW]: 8.9
Heater rating [kW]: 8.5
Convertible to:
AC 230V 50Hz
Fuse rating [A]: 1 x 13-16
Rated load [kW]: 2.9
Heater rating [kW]: 2.5

External dimensions H/W/D(mm): 820-880/600/600
Weight net [kg]: 72.5

Sound levels
< 70 dB (A) re 20 u PA

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