PG8583 CD

Commercial laboratory

Commercial laboratory

Performance specifications
Capacity per cycle: e.g. reprocessing of narrow lumened laboratory glassware via up to 64 injectors at the same time reprocessing laboratory glassware in upper and lower basket

Standard features
4-fold filter system with large surface filter, coarse filter, glass breakage filter and micro-fine filter, double-skinned design, insulated door for excellent soundproofing, flowmeter to monitor water intake quantities, AutoClose - automatic door lock, acoustic signal to indicated end of programme, 2 redundant temperature sensors, extensive safety features, port to facilitate introduction of sensors for process validation

Dimensions / weight
External dimensions H/W/D [mm]: 820/900/600; with lid: H/W/D [mm]: 835/900/700
Net weight [kg]: 97.7

Electrical connection
Voltage (standard) [V/Hz]: 3N AC 400/50
Connected load [kW]: 9.3
Fuse rating [A]: 3x 15/16
Convertible to:
Voltage (convertible) [V/Hz]: AC 230 V/50
Connected load [kW]: 6.3
Fuse rating [A]: 1x 30-32

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