Commercial ironer

Commercial ironer

Roller diameter [mm]: 210
Working length [mm]: 1400
Ironing throughput [kg/h]: 33 kg with: Initial residual moisture 25%, coverage 100%
Ironing speed [m/min.]: 1.5 - 4.0

Innovative touch controls
Large, easily surveyed touch display
Temperature control in 1°C increments. Fast selection of three temperature ranges.
Ironer speed control in 0.1 m/min increments. Fast selection of three speed ranges.
Favourite programme - allows frequently used combination of temperature and speed to be selected fast.
Cleaning and waxing programme - This programme automatically sets all the relevant parameters for cleaning and waxing the trough.
Infeed monitoring - Display warning issued if only one side or ironer is used over extended period of time.
Pause function - Selectable via display. The trough disengages and the roller stops. After 10 minutes, the temperature is also reduced to a minimum.


Electrical connection
3NAC 400V 50-60Hz
Fuse rating [A]: 3x16
Heater rating [kW]: 6.5
Total connected load [kW]: 7.0

Steel wool padding
The ARAMID needle felt cloth is extremely temperature-resistant and highly durable.
Miele-specific outfeed table with honeycomb perforation pattern - For automatic laundry cooldown.
Miele FlexControl footswitch - Can be conveniently positioned in front of the machine to allow the roller to be stopped fast.
Optional: Airing bar allows laundry to hang without creasing

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