Commercial dryer

Commercial dryer

Load capacity [kg]: 6.5
Drum volume [l]: 130

Electrical connection
1N AC 230-240 V 50Hz
Fuse rating [A]: 1x10
Total connected load [kW]: 2.17-2.34
Heater rating [kW]: 1.94-2.11

Stainless steel drum
2-fold filter system in the door
Drum lighting

Drying technology
Condenser drying system (C), condensate removed via hose at back of machine, DN 10 condensate drainage connection, 3 way heater bank
Patented honeycomb drum with unique surface structure, softlift drum ribs
Electronic moisture monitoring - PerfectDry,
sensitive drying system with conductivity meter
Axial airflow

7 pole interface for connection to payment system
Optical interface for Service technicians
Serial interface RS 232 - optional -

Robust spaceframe construction casing
Front and sides in stainless steel (ED)
Zinc plated back panel
Stainless steel control panel, lid with stainless steel inlay
Large drum opening (47 cm diameter)
Can be stacked with a washing machine using the appropriate stacking kit

Dimensions / Weight
Dimensions H/W/D [mm]: 850/595/700
Net weight [kg]: 60.5

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