Gas - Commercial dryer

Gas - Commercial dryer

Performance features
Load capacity [kg]: 20-25 with load ratio of 1:25 - 1:20
Drum volume [l]: 500
Water evaporation [1/h] 29.5 [Gas] based on a residual moisture level reduction from 70% down to 0%

Programming / Process technology
Cottons dry plus, Cottons dry, Cottons moist 20%, Cottons moist 25%, Cottons moist 40%, Minimum iron dry, Minimum iron moist 10%, Minimum iron moist 20%, Woollens, Delicates, Timed drying Cold, Timed drying Hot.


Electrical connection
3N AC 380-415V 50Hz
Fuse rating [A]: 3x10
Connected load [kW]: 1.3
Heater rating [kW]: 30

Standard: Optical interface
Standard: Connection for external stop signal, fan and external exhaust flap
Optional: Communication module with serial interface RS232

External casing powder coated in octo blue, zinc plated back panel
Large door opening of 520 mm
Door opening angle 180°
Reversible door hinging

Dimensions / weight
External dimensions H/W/D [mm] 1640/1206/1002 [G]
Net weight [kg]: 239 [G]

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