PW 413

Commercial Washing Machine

Commercial Washing Machine


Load capacity [kg]: 13-14

Drum volume [l]: 130

Spin speed (max rpm): 1025

g-factor: 360/50


Electric (EL)

Electrical connection

3N 380-415V 50-60Hz

Fuse rating [A]: 3x16

Total connected load [kW]: 11

Heater rating [kW]: 9


Hard water 2x 1/2" with 3/4" threaded union

Hot water 1x 1/2" with 3/4" threaded union

Dispensing system

3 dispenser compartments at the front of the machine

Up to 12 external pumps can be connected


Freestanding washer-extractor

Front colour and material in Octoblue

Facia panel in stainless steel

Large machine door without bellows seals, opens to 180°

Dimensions / weight

Dimensions H/W/D (mm):1352/799/1010

Net weight (kg): 276

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